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Master Tatsuo Shimabuku (1908-1975) started the AOKA on April 12, 1961. With the spread of Isshin-Ryu Karate-Do around the world. Master Kichiro Shimabuku 10th dan, Hanshi and present headmaster of Isshin-Ryu changed the name to the Isshin-Ryu World Karate Association in 1974. Under the guidance of Master Kichiro Shimabuku the IWKA has continued to spread Isshin-Ryu throughout the world. Currently there are almost 40,000 members worldwide. Shimabuku Sensei welcomes all students of Isshin-Ryu to join this worlwide association.


Isshin-Ryu World Karate Association, Headquartered at:

2-1-13 Kinaka, Uruma City
Okinawa, Japan 904-2236

This site is maintained by

Sensei Michael Calandra, 9th-Dan (Hanshi-Go)

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If you would like your events listed or your information updated please contact

Sensei Jorge Labrada, 5th-Dan (Renshi-Go)


Master Kichiro Shimabuku

10th Dan, Hanshi

President IWKA

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